“I’ve taken classes with Glendi for 4 years. I love her classes! When I began I only knew a little bit of Spanish. Now I can converse with confidence and I even had an interview with a client in Spanish! Glendi is so friendly, patient, has a great sense of humor, and always has interesting and fun ideas for learning Spanish. The classes are a good mix of conversation in Spanish about topics such as politics, justice, equality and the history of Central American countries and grammar review.

I give my highest recommendation for Glendi’s classes. In my opinion, her classes are the best in Seattle. Her classes are full of laughter and opportunities to improve your abilities or simply beginning to learn Spanish. And for the new students Glendi doesn’t speak Spanish too fast! That was really important for me when I was a beginner. -Mary de Rosas

“I studied Spanish with Glendi a few years ago down in Guatemala. Although my Spanish was only at the beginner level I found that she was the only teacher with whom I could actually converse entirely in Spanish. She simply knew how to speak and listen in a way that enabled me to use the Spanish I had learned and quickly add to it. Glendi is an excellent teacher.”–Stanley Canfield, Granton, Wisconsin

“Glendi, more than any Spanish teacher I’ve ever had before, really took the time to evaluate exactly what my strengths and weaknesses in speaking Spanish were so far, and worked with me to create a specialized, week by week plan based on my goals. Glendi employed a variety of different techniques to help me improve my Spanish, and her classes were both enjoyable and challenging. After a few weeks, I really began to see an improvement in my comprehension and speaking skills. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone wanting to learn Spanish, or improve the Spanish they already speak.” -Elizabeth Hendren, intermediate student

“Glendi is an experienced and patient Spanish tutor who has not only taught me grammar, but also the culture and politics of her home country of Guatemala. Our conversation class is nothing like the stilted conversation classes I’m accustomed to. We talk music, politics, family and food – often simultaneously – so there is never a dull moment while learning Spanish with Glendi. I look forward to our classes each week and this more than anything else helped me advance in my understanding of the language.”-Michelle Glatt, advanced student

“Starting from a vocabulary of less than 50 words, I now am able to speak conversational Spanish and read news articles in Spanish due to the patient and encouraging efforts of Glendi. Through clear, structured lesson plans and study assignments I have learned grammar and a range of vocabulary pertinent to my work, including medical terminology. As a working student, the flexible scheduling and ability to communicate directly and promptly with the teacher has been essential. Glendi’s warmth of presence and many insights on the history of Guatemala and experiences of immigration have made each lesson an enriching experience.”-Marianne Mork, intermediate student (began lessons as beginner)

“My weekly lessons with Glendi over the last year have become one of the favorite parts of my week; her warmth and easy humor, and the opportunity to “visit” in Spanish, without self-consciousness, are completely delightful and my Spanish has improved dramatically (if I do say so myself!)”–Beth Kruse, intermediate student

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