Class Options

“When you study a new language, each new word is a bridge to a wider world.”

Private Classes

Private classes are very flexible, depending on the needs of the student. For all students, the first class is a one-on-one evaluation to determine your level, to identify your personal learning goals and preferences, and to customize a learning plan for you. From there, the schedule and intensity of you classes (and of your homework!) are up to you. Most students choose to study for one 2-hour class a week, whereas other choose to have more frequent or shorter classes.

The style of the classes is immersive and one-on-one. The student sits across from Glendi, the instructor, and using games, activities, real conversations, music, and textbooks, the learning unfolds.

Prices for private classes are $20-$30 an hour, depending on the student’s ability to pay.

We are always accepting new students. If you’re interested or curious, please contact us or today

Group Classes

  • Please check back soon for more information about Spanish classes in Bellingham.

The price is $300 for 10 weeks of classes.

If you’re interested in your own group classes, any group from 2-10 people is able to form a group class, with Glendi as the instructor. Like private classes, group classes begin with an evaluation of each student’s level, and then a weekly plan is created to match the needs and interests of the students.

We are always open to new group class possibilities. If you’re interested or curious, please contact us or today!

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